UFC 211: Miocic vs. dos Santos 2


I have a confession. I fear this might push us further apart, but if I don’t admit it now it may only serve to eat away at me until there’s nothing left. So here goes… I’m not interested in the Heavyweight division. Occasionally it sparks a little interest, but the premise is always the same – who can land their single knockout blow first. You only need to look down one weight class to the Light Heavyweights to see the level of technical ability shoot upwards. Jones, Gustafsson, Cormier, Davis are all supremely skillful mixed martial artists. The one dimensional style of Heavyweights such as Lewis, Mioci and Overeem just leave me a bit cold. Me and that ‘Just Bleed’ fella are not cut from the same cloth. I guess I lack that blood lust gene. The fact that  the record of consecutive title defenses for Heavyweights now stands at 4 only cements my point. Travis Browne was the one guy I thought had all the tools to mix power, althetisim and technique and become a real star. What happened to him? Does anyone really know? The internet blames coaches and spouses, but surely that can’t be the case. Can it? Therefore I’m not best placed to comment on Miocic’s win, but I will say he looks good and he seems to be a jolly nice chap.

I felt bad for Yair Rodriguez, but I do love it when we get a very clear reminder of the skill level required to be one of the top MMA athletes, i.e. not social media followers or ‘witty banter’ and trash talking. Edger put on a masterclass of what it takes to be in the at the top of this sport. I hope Yair comes back stronger as he is so entertaining when he gets his flow on. I’m right back on the Frankie train, but still aware of how much he was himself dominated by at UFC200.

Maia gave me a headache, not metaphorically, I mean literally. When I watch any grappler in the clinch I find myself writhing in my seat as though I somehow involved. It’s like how people move when playing video games.


I’m such a fan of Maia that this escalates into full on fist clenching and body contorting. Looking back, the fight wouldn’t be one I will be recommending to anyone wanting to get an understanding of my love for the man. Go watch the Condit or Nelson fights for that. He’ll always be in that group of sportsmen I will take time out to watch. Lionel Messi, Brandon Westgate, Harry Kane, Joshua, Eubank Jr, MVP. Really enjoyed hearing more from Masvidal especially the Robin Black interviews after the fight. The gangsta persona drops away and his knowledge and awareness of what he needs to work on is refreshing and positive.

Can’t wait to see Maia finally get his title shot. I’m not holding my breath though.




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