UFC on Fox 24: Johnson vs. Reis


If you still have any doubt about the domination of Mighty Mouse then can you please, please, please keep this internalised as your insanity is just bringing the rest of humanity down. Yes, Wilson Reis should get mad points for his whole Bugsy Malone, small guy/pencil mustache vibe, but the poor guy looked better suited to cruise ship salsa dancing compared to DJ’s relentless and flawless technique. In every facet of mma, the guy is more advanced that the rest of the division(s). His brain can just processes his opponent’s moves quicker than they can themselves. It’s impressive beyond sport. I can barely decide what to eat most days. Seriously, I can stand in a supermarket for hours and still leave disappointed. I’ll search Spotify for whole bus journeys without committing to anything before I reach my destination.


MMA fans notoriously have the short-term memory of a high-level stoner (there may be a connection there) and the whole ‘pound for pound’ topic comes to the surface again. For me the argument is fun but is ultimately squashing water. The names put forward for this futile debate are GSP, Jon Jones, Anderson Silva and Demetrious Johnson. Wasn’t it only last week that Cormier was a favourite for this non-existent title? ‘Remember his success at heavyweight?’ they said. Well seven days have passed so apparently we’ve moved on from that now.

Don’t take this the wrong way, DJ is most definitely one of the all-time greats. My issue is that as fans we forget so quickly. Unlike other sports, we don’t have the same loyalty to the people taking part. Which makes sense as we don’t know when we’re next going to see them compete. This guy is making history which may only make sense in the future.

Also on the main card we saw Jacare get merked to bits by Robert Whittaker. I’ve been on the Whittaker train since TUF and he looked savage in what I consider his first fight against a top UFC fighter. Which brings me to my point: this is his FIRST fight against top quality opposition. Let’s calm down with the whole ‘he’s the saviour of the middleweight division’ just for now. Against Rockhold, Romero, Mousasi or even Bisping, he’s going to have a tough night, a night that he could go dramatically either way. I’m looking forward to how this plays out. Would love to see him face Rockhold.

Waterson lost. Sad face.


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